Bruynzeel Storage Systems

  • Booth: 2012

Bruynzeel Storage Systems develops, manufactures, sells and maintains innovative storage solutions for Museums as well as offices, archives and warehouses. As a producer, consultant and installer, Bruynzeel Storage Systems is the European market leader. The company’s head office and factory are located in the Netherlands.

The vast knowledge that Bruynzeel Storage Systems has gained in its almost 120 years of existence is reflected in its portfolio of customers, that includes some of the worlds leading museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Louvre, as well as numerous small and medium-size museums and art-galleries worldwide. Making sure that your precious collections are safely stored and easily accessible at the same time is our top priority.

The product range includes storage systems for any type of art or artefacts, from pull-out painting storage systems to customized drawers and heavy duty racks for statues or other large objects. Controlling and handling the complete process from design, production, project management, execution and after sales ensures results that any customer deserves!