How to make the most out of your experience before you arrive in Boston!


As an attendee you can plan ahead to get the most out of your investment and experience before you arrive in Boston by connecting with potential vendors prior to the show.  You will be able to search for products, create a personalized printable floor plan and more:

  • Go to My Briefcase to login with your ecode or if you don't have an ecode create one!
  • Once you are logged in, go to My Profile to make changes to your personal information.
  • Search for current exhibitors by a variety of parameters using the Exhibitor Search.
  • View and print the floor plan in real time .
  • See a full list of exhibitors by going to the Exhibitor List.
  • Use the exhibitor search and exhibitor list to create a list of favorite exhibitors. You can leave the site and come back later to print a list of your favorite exhibitors or when you print the floorplan your favorite exhibitors will be highlighted on the printed copy so you can plan your route! 
  • Go to My Expo Plan to see your list of favorites.