Whar are the Health & Safety Protocals for #AAM2022

For up-to-date information, please visit our annual meeting website; https://annualmeeting.aam-us.org/aam2022-health-safety-protocols/

By registering for the 2022 AAM Annual Meeting, you will be agreeing to adhere to all stated meeting safety protocols which are subject to change and may be adjusted for consistency with the latest guidance from the CDC and Boston officials. We are committed to updating you every step of the way should these protocols change.

Where will the conference take place?

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

415 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210

Exhibit Halls A, B1, B2

Note: This is for directional purposes only.  Please do not ship material to the above address.  Refer to the Freight Information section in the Exhibitor Services Manual for detailed shipping instructions

What are the Show Hours?

Museum Expo Hours:

Friday, May 20 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday, May 21 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

What are the Exhibitor Move-In/Move-out hours?

Exhibitor Move-In Exhibitor Move-Out
Wednesday, May 18: 8 am - 6:00 pm Saturday, May 21: 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Thursday, May 19: 8 am - 6:00 pm  Sunday, May 22: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

How many show badges do I receive with my booth?

For every 100 sq. ft. of booth space your company will receive two (2) complimentary badges.

10 x 10 2 complimentary registrations
10 x 20  4 complimentary registrations
10 x 30 6 complimentary registrations
20 x 20 8 complimentary registrations
20 x 30 10 complimentary registrations

How much do additional badges cost?

Any additional exhibitor booth personnel above your allotted amount may be purchased at a reduced rate by the exhibiting company at $395 each.  

Do I need to register staff that is only setting up the booth?

No. temporary help and setup personnel can pick up access passes onsite in Boston for access to the exhibit hall on Saturday and Sunday only. You do not need to include them in on your allotted amount.

What advertising/sponsorships are available?

Please contact Shelagh Grimshaw or click here for a complete list of 2022 sponsorship opportunities. 
Sponsorship items are designed to provide brand awareness, give you additional exposure and drive more traffic to your booth during the show.

Where can I find the Exhibitor Service Manual?

The service kit provides all the information you’ll need to prepare your booth for the conference, shipping, carpet, booth furnishings, electricity, and all other services. If you have any questions, please contact Freeman AAM’s official general services contractor, at (888) 508-5054.