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As the only British manufacturer of end-to-end fiber optic systems, we can turn round your order quickly, and build bespoke products to your unique design specifications. Our complete service also translates into cost savings to you, our customers. We understand that lighting is all about the best possible impact for your space, and site visits make a real difference. Our fully trained sales engineers can visit your site to discuss your project, and demonstrate different fiber optic lighting options to you and your team. We really do mean 'end-to-end service'! We don't just design and manufacture, we can also install your system. Our teams of fully trained fiber optic installers are on hand to provide you with a fast, professional installation service.


  • Ionic magnetic LED display track system
    Featuring a low profile track and a wide range of options, the Ionic fittings can be dimmed either locally, globally or a combination of both. The magnetic fittings can be placed, slid and removed without any interference of wires....

  • The Ionic  fitting range consists of three LED light fittings, the Ionic SX, MX and LX. Offering the ultimate in versatility, this system comprises of an extruded aluminium track, available in either surface or corner mount versions. The mounting track for Ionic is a low profile 9mm version which looks great when the track needs to be visible but can also be recessed into a mounting surface if required. 

    The fitting’s magnetic attraction to the track allows them to be freely placed, moved, slid and removed without any interference from wires or cables. The fittings are polarity agnostic which means that the fittings can be placed on the track at any point in any direction. The Ionic includes global and local dimming, meaning each fitting can be dimmed on a track then all the fittings can be dimmed at once. 

    This system offers full 360° rotation as well as 90° of tilt - so it can be pointed in almost any direction. There are three colour temperatures for all fittings and the Ionic spotlights have a variety of lens types, from narrow to wide angled, and all can be mixed and matched within the system.

  • Apollo LED display lighting system
    A contemporary LED lighting system which has been specially designed for use where unobtrusive but powerful and controllable lighting is required for display illumination....

  • The UFO Apollo Gantry features a discrete 12mm diameter main body and is fitted with two 8mm diameter legs.
    We offer a removable cowl accessory which can be attached by simply clipping around the Apollo' main body. The cowl offers anti-glare and can also be used to provide extra focus over the light. This system can also be rotated and locked in place to give directional control of the light.
    There are two mounting options with the gantry system; screw-down feet or a back nut. The screw-down feet are simply screwed into the mounting surface, the back nut system is great for concealing the mounting method beneath the mounting surface.
    The standard height available is 250mm, however this can be varied to order up to a maximum of 500mm.
    Standard main body lengths start at 185mm, with the lit length being 145.5mm. The overall length can be increased in 38.5mm increments upto a maximum of 1163mm. The lit length is always 39.5mm shorter than the overall length.
    Customised lengths in excess of standard maximum lengths are available up to 3m subject to design. Longer gantry lengths will necessitate additional supporting legs.