Goppion SPA  

Watertown,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 916

Goppion SpA is one of the world’s foremost producers of exhibit display cases with installations housing some of civilization’s most beautiful, fragile, and iconic objects, including the Mona Lisa, the Crown Jewels of England, and Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man.

Situated in northern Italy’s industrial region centered around Milan, Goppion is linked through advanced technology and tradition with a network of highly specialized artisanal “co-producers” who provide unmatched flexibility, variety and quality in the production of our primary case components.

Using knowledge gleaned from over sixty years of experience and ongoing research, our engineers respond to the challenges our clients' projects present in terms of design, operation, conservation and security, ensuring a culture of innovation at our Laboratorio Museotechnico.

Goppion produces a full line of exhibit display casework encompassing all major categories and classes. We can provide custom cases that deliver Goppion's superior engineering and performance at a surprisingly competitive cost.